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Wrong Side Of History

Earth Girls

Wrong Side Of History

Grave Mistake
7" $6.30


GRAVE 070 

***On their debut EP, Chicago's EARTH GIRLS bring us four captivating garage-pop gems that are guaranteed to be the soundtrack for your summer.  A distinctive blend of punchy guitar, driving bass, and a frantic yet steady beat lay an impeccable foundation for a vocal delivery that calls to mind some of the best female fronted power pop bands of the ‘70s and ‘80s.  Earth Girls have created a release that crosses genres in the best ways possible, making for one of the most addictive singles you'll come across this year.  
“Earth Girls summon up the spirit of the Shop Assistants with a fresh and invigorating feel to songs that have all combined the right catchy elements to make them instantly memorable and ultimately unforgettable.”

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