Beirut East Harlem


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Label # POMP 004UPC 655035002477
Street DateJune 14th, 2011
Label # UPC 655035002477
Street DateJune 14th, 2011

“East Harlem” and “Goshen” are the first new Beirut songs since 2009’s March of the Zapotec EP, and they reveal an expanded approach from a band that has always been nomadic.  “East Harlem” is the immediate and grabbing pop song, with an upbeat uke, piano and trumpet melody tailor-made for 7-inch satisfaction. “Goshen” balances out the mirth with heartfelt piano and intimate vocals which may be band leader Zach Condon’s greatest singing performance ever. Together, the songs portend of good things to come.

Stream the A-side, "East Harlem", below:


Beirut - East Harlem by Revolver USA


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  2. #2 Goshen
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