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Modern Times Ep
7" $6.30


HHBTM 134 

***Only the young truly know what it means to age, when every torn calendar page mocks you—it whispers in your ear that your dreams are a fraud, that you’re going to end up as defeated and disappointed as your parents whether you like it or not. This fear fills the songs of EUREKA CALIFORNIA with a dark humor and a sense of yearning that is rare in today’s scene. The songs push and they keep on pushing. While their peers sit around getting stoned, throwing the kind of tantrums that only the lazy & privileged can ever find meaningful, Eureka California knows that there are millions of people out there who work for a living, and they stand in solidarity with the workers. When the Taco Bell workers unionize next year and go on strike for a living wage, the agitated garage pop of Eureka California will be the soundtrack to their bonfires. RIYL: Superchunk, Sugar, Archers of Loaf. Limited to 300 copies with in a three-color silkscreen sleeve. Includes a digital download.