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LP $17.75

05/11/2018 616822030714 

HHBTM 193 

CD $11.00

05/11/2018 616822135723 


***Roadrunners by EUREKA CALIFORNIA comes a decade in for the band, and it’s a record only possible to write by having had that span of time to cycle through members, tour and sleep on endless floors or when there are no floors in the van at rest stops or Wal-Mart parking lots, argue over where to eat, turn around after missing exits, log those relentless hours of driving all day to get to the venue only to sit around hours and hours more ‘til performing. A decade of side hustles and and soul-sucking jobs just to be able to go on the road and continue the grind for those handful of minutes you get to perform or to record. Roadrunners, their fourth album in six years, had Eureka California returning to Leeds, UK, to record again with MJ of the band Hookworms at his Suburban Home Studios, and this second time around you can hear Eureka California being a bit more at home in the studio. The “play it hard and fast and whatever gets left behind… oh well, it should have kept up” attitude from their last album Versus has been replaced with layered guitars and vocals, sonic experiments, and the extra time to try to get every song just right. No filler, all hooks, loud drums, and smart lyrics. It’s a record made by a band who live for live performance, who work to tour, who tour to create.