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Tape Scissors Rock
LP $16.00

08/12/2014 656605806419 


***Thuggish zen punk trio EXILES FROM CLOWNTOWN have operated in quiet corners and with genuine mystery for several years. Tape Scissors Rock was made using the group’s three 7”s as a foundation. If it were it a building, it’d be brutalist and utilitarian. Inside, cryptic sci-fi, surf and road movies run on a loop, soundtracked by three strangely normal looking blokes wrestling mutant tunes from guitar, bass and drums. Tape Scissors Rock is a resoundingly successful stab at controlled chaos from these unsung Australians. Ties to early '90s Sydney DIY power scuzz trio 3 TOED SLOTH and several others of that ilk, should provide the mind-frame with which to welcome and grapple with this unrelenting LP.

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