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LP $19.50


PNV 82 

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! False Confession is one of the founding bands of the Nardcore scene, an explosive and now legendary scene hailing from the depths of Southern California's Ventura county, from the seaside city of Oxnard. Starting out in the early 80s and playing along cohorts such as Agression, Dr. Know, Ill Repute, Stalag 13, RKL and many others. They released one of the best and most sought after records on legendary So Cal label Mystic Records, their 1984 7" EP is considered a template for the dark brooding sinister punk/hardcore sound that many bands would later adopt. The original line up of Israel,Harry and Fred return with the addition of Ismael Hernandez of Dr Know on bass, unleashing an album of full throttle hardcore/punk fury that pay equal tribute to their original dark brooding Death Punk tinged sound while fusing elements of modern ferocious hardcore and Discharge fueled insanity. A blitzkrieg assault on the senses and sonic attack on the mind.

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