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Sonar Calibrado
12" $8.25



MP3 $3.96



Filastine returns to Shockout for this collaboration with partner and fellow nomad, Maga Bo. Together they are Sonar Calibrado. Meeting in different countries with their mobile production studios, the duo built this four-song EP, a collection of tracks that are not only bangers on the dancefloor but also possess an impressive level of density and detail. The three at ragga tempo nearly constitute a genre of their own, defined by syncopated percussion, sub-bass, and distorted melodies, and feature the filthiest rappers from Brazil and Morocco: Speed Freaks, Mario Z, and Jawad. "Os Assasinos" jumps to a Rio baile funk speed and features one of the genre's most infamous gangsters, Mr. Catra. With its chopped up Arabic strings and gunshot batucada, the track steers clear of any cliches. 
Maga Bo's new CD, Archipelagoes, has just come out on DJ Rupture's Soot Records! He recently returned to Rio de Janeiro from a tour of North America, including the (dubious) WMC in Miami. Filastine released his wildly successful first record Burn It in 2006 and has toured the whole earth a few times over since then. He is now about ready to drop his next CD. Sonar Calibrado gets busy whenever these two cross paths--in Amsterdam, Tangier, NYC, or Barcelona; working by day and throwing guerilla street parties by night; during carnival in Rio with pirated electricity; or from a mobile car sound system in the States.


  1. #1 Os Asassinos (featuring Mr Catra)


  2. #2 Se Liga (featuring Mario Z)


  3. #3 E Da


  4. #4 Alesh (featuring Jawad)