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An Unkempt House

Flat Fix

An Unkempt House

Not Not Fun
MC $6.75


NNF 296 CS 

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07/01/2014 655035029641 


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07/01/2014 655035029641 


The transformation from trashed noise to tranced programming irks some technocrats but the truth is such shifts only highlight the kinship between these parallel modes of longform electrical activity; hypnosis and confusion can be achieved with or without drum machines. Newcastle transplants Nick Senger and Cooper Bowman both share storied pasts in improvisational amplifier damage as performers (Castings/Cistern Corrupt and Dry Mouth/Junk Sick, respectively) and label heads (Spanish Magic and Altered States Tapes), but recent efforts have focused on Flat Fix, their heavily dazed hardware duo. The pair oscillate between roles and equipment intuitively, allowing the pieces to accrue and unfurl across fried expanses of psychedelic repetition. Recorded straight to two-track tape at their home studio in Melbourne, An Unkempt House collects three recent worm-hole constructs for a half-hour factory tour through weirdly wired mazes of flatliner pulsing and melting signal dreams. Leave the club; enter the Unkempt House. Mastered by Australia's Prime Minister of Musicological Exports, Mikey Young. Double-sided silkscreened vellum artwork by Tokyo's Crooked Taper Ryo Kuramoto.



Flat Fix "Cerulean Blue" by NOT NOT FUN


  1. #1 Cerulean Blue


  2. #2 Information Doubles


  3. #3 Hope To Cope