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Stupid Era EP


Stupid Era EP

7" $8.50


702 261 

***The Canadian itch is getting scratched again as Slovenly unleashes the debut EP from Montreal’s first and only Dot Matrix Rock’n’Roll Band FRVITS. Read the V like a U and watch the atomic glow of your VU meters peaking in supersonic ecstasy over these six blazing bangers of thunderous hardcore space punk. This “Stupid Era” platter is a relentless attack, packing six tracks across seven inches, fronted by Shit Vicious on a radioactive vox, and featuring Wind of Change (associate of Priors & Duchess Says), Krispy Karl, Alexander Ortiz, and Blag Dahlia/Jesus (Dwarves) with a vocal appearance on the penultimate track “Abortion Hoops.” This one is tough, fun, and as abstract as a frvit salad served in a urinal.