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7" $10.50


DBR 030 

***The Goods combine big guitars, huge hooks, and sweet British Invasion-style harmonies into a distinctive power pop tapestry on their debut, The Goods EP. Singer-songwriter Rob Good is a veteran of the Oakland underground, having played the sideman in stalwart Bay Area outfits such as Sob Stories, Cocktails, and Re-Volts. Good now steps center-stage to showcase a knack for clever songwriting and catchy melodies. He is joined by the propulsive rhythm section of drummer Paul Wiseman (also of the Southern California band Not) and seasoned session bassist Cherron Arens. Self-produced in the band’s own studio in Oakland, CA, The Goods’ debut EP draws on decades of hooky punk and power pop from the 1960s through the 1990s. The three song 7" (with an exclusive fourth digital track) combines classic influences and timeless sounds with a fresh and playful energy. Avoiding retro-revivalism, The Goods' music is earnest and unironic, with just enough grit and muscle to balance its sugary sweetness. Pressed on pink vinyl.

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