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LP $14.75


CDR 069 

***Columbus Discount is proud to present Smiles, the new LP from THE GUNIEA WORMS. Despite a decade or so of CDRs and singles, and the Sorcererers of Madness retrospective double LP, this is actually Guinea Worms first LP of totally new material. That is to say it was written in the conventional, "band writes 12 songs" then recorded in the conventional "band walks into a studio, walks out with a record" style. This conventional record making style lends itself well in getting across the unconventional amount of "total crushing menace" the Worms are known for. The core elements of the Worms are intact in this record (the heavy riffs, the "animal smash" drumming), however, Smiles is a darker affair than FOSTER and Co's previous efforts; trading some of The Guineas' usual creep-out whimsy for menace and self-loathing.