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Fool’s Watch / Lore Gloves
10" $17.50

06/24/2014 781484058915 

DC 589 

***THE HOWLING HEX continue to patrol the borders of our shared musical culture, reflecting on the strange things a man might see out there in the wilderness—and more to the point, the details a man might miss. Their latest release is a 10” single with two long tracks that push beyond previous entries in The Howling Hex’s catalog—believe it! While it is true that The Howling Hex routinely set and achieve this goal on all their albums, on this special 10”, the reemergence of NEIL MICHAEL HAGERTY as a leading entity gives the two epic performances a unique spin. Also special: hand rendered jackets and a print run that some might call “limited edition.” (STREET DATE - 6/24/2014)

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