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Vox Populi!

Half Dead Ganja Music

Pacific City Sound Visions

This Half Dead cassette turned LP from 1987 sounds like a band improvising an exotic musique concrete Voodoo Ritual in the Catacombs below, and above, EARTH. VOX POPULI!, a super unique French band with ties to HNAS, PACIFIC 231(who plays on the record), DDAA, etc, have been one of the most undiscovered visionaries of the Euro experimental-industrial wave of the Mid to Late ‘80s. Remastered from the original tapes, this long sought after and rare tape is now turned up for vinyl release. Half Dead Ganja Music exists as a rare artifact of a timeless endeavor to create a feeling, through self-less creativity, of a limbo realm between physical earth realities and the mystical realm that is paralleled in our emerging beings. This is Occult music without pretension, but with effortless release to the juxtaposition of human and non-human senses. Pacific City Sound VIsions is stoked beyond belief to expose this unbelievably unique vision back into the world.

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