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Wild Embrace
BK $9.25

10/22/2021 9781947240346 

BDP 015 

***Wild Embrace is a collection of poetry written by Tim Hatch (a damaged-but-resilient child abuse survivor) that explores themes of abuse, fragility, and our human obligation to one another. "On so many levels, Hatch’s poems are engaging and moving. It takes a great deal of talent to do what Hatch accomplishes in Wild Embrace; our re-lived experiences can have a kind of occupancy over us, but Hatch finds ways to share his past and dramatize intense human interactions in ways that allow us to witness what is too often unspoken, surrounded by complexities and paradoxes, and shaded with overtones. With wit, wonder, surprise, and empathy, Hatch affirms what we already know about ourselves and others in his unique and vivid collection."—Juan Delgado, author of Vital Signs, winner of the American Book Award

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