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Missing Shaun
BK $9.25

08/26/2022 9781947240551 

BDP 023 

***"Shaun was an accomplished musician, and singer. He started singing and playing the clarinet when he was young, and sang in an a cappella group in Hollywood. I started writing the poems for Missing Shaun because it was my way to get my emotions out, to lay them down on paper, and to try to leave them somewhere safe. These poems were written mostly in the first few moments and days when our emotions were raw, when it was still hard to believe that we had lost him. The last section of poems are a few small letters to you." "Thomas R. Thomas" has crushed us with his words and his love. This collection emits a raw, poignant loneliness of losing a loved one. Life is loss. Thomas dances the loss with each quipped line. His words make us tremble for that unthinkable. When they have departed and that silent room hums with stillness. He makes us feel in a time when feelings are to be buried and not to be shared. He has the courage to capture that dreaded pain. His use of time and moments evaporating makes empty car spaces, open doors, and shifting shadows; lucid. May we all have warm compassion when those pained chapters in our lives come. Decidedly well written, beautiful and brave."—T. Anders Carson author of Unfortunately, Thanks for Everything