Naked On The Vague Heaps Of Nothing


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Label # SB 130UPC 655030113017
Street DateMay 11th, 2010
Label # SB 130 CDUPC 655030113024
Street DateApril 27th, 2010
Label # UPC 655030113024
Street DateApril 27th, 2010

LP VERSION INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD COUPON!!! For this second full-length effort, Naked on the Vague eschew their tantalizingly sparse duo attack for a quartet line-up, and the results are as sensational as they are sinister. While the rickety, no-wave splat found on previous efforts had its appeal, the heft of a "proper" rhythm section has only helped Naked on the Vague delve deeper into the landscape of post-punk murk. Bleak, unrepentant, withering and droll, Heaps of Nothing is a 21st century codification of the gallows wit and mesmerizing otherworldliness of (Dub Housing-era) Pere Ubu, Primitive Calculators and Lemon Kittens. Shuttling mutant urbanity from past to present, Naked on the Vague is only too eager to confirm that the Earth isn't flat. Because Heaps of Nothing is here to flatten it.
Look for the band on tour throughout their native Australia and, later in 2010, the US and possibly Europe.


  1. #1 Mysterious Oven
  2. #2 Wrong Room
  3. #3 Treading Water
  4. #4 Sacred Youth
  5. #5 These Days
  6. #6 The Joke
  7. #7 Black Lettuce
  8. #8 Blank Minds
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