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Wired Up
7" $11.00


JAW 050 

***"It's a dream to release not one, but both iconic singles by Junkshop glam titans HECTOR. First up is their debut from '73, "Wired Up." In a perfect world, this would have topped the charts and The Osmonds would have struggling to make ends meet. Alas, it is a well known fact that quality cannot be shoved down the public's throat. In spite of loads of coverage in the teen mags and even TV appearances—fame and fortune were not in the cards for Hector. "Wired Up" goes for the jugular from the get-go with that throbbing single note riff pulverizing your senses. How can a song this incredibly catchy not be a smash? Politics, and the fickle whims of the BBC, who never gave the record a chance. See Trevor White's masterpiece "Crazy Kids" for another sterling example that the world isn't fair. Here it is available again for the first time since 1973 in it's original format, our fave, the almighty 7" 45 rpm single. Enjoy, true believers. Remastered and sounding better than the original 1973 pressing which was honestly noisy and not perfect."

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