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Ballad Of Jon Simon

Hot Guts

Ballad Of Jon Simon

7" $5.40


BM 0020 

***The debut 7-inch from Philadelphia's HOT GUTS. Greatness is spread thick across each song. “’The Ballad of Joe Simon’ was particularly striking right off the bat, and it must be placed on the table that this is not the type of ‘great’ in which there’s no hint whatsoever as to how it relates to the band’s record collection. Definite Swans-love happening here, both in the pummel and the Gira-deep vocals, and this is tastefully if not predictably matched with some other industrial/early-noise creep-o’s like Chrome and the venerable Throbbing Gristle. I heard early Killing Joke and Nick Cave, too, but to drive home an adage that can’t be driven hard enough, it’s all what you do with the source material. Now, looking at that layer of Hot Guts, and no, I have never heard anything like this, ever, and thankfully, it’s a good thing this time.”—Andrew Earles (Still Single - Dusted Mag)