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Nighclub Version Of The Eternal

Howling Hex

Nighclub Version Of The Eternal

Drag City
CD $13.75

09/19/2006 781484032021 

DC 320 CD 

***As part of their encompassing tour of the world at large, THE HOWLING HEX have disseminated their experiences into a golden hour of rock and roll to create a Nightclub Version of the Eternal for your listening endeavors. Existing simultaneously below the crust of the Earth’s war-torn culture and on the main street of consumer America, The Howling Hex spend their time pushing their trademark New Border Sound to the bold, the curious, and the jaded alike, crafting sonic pleasures for all needs. Albums such as All Night Fox and 1–2–3 have explored frontier sounds and sampled local cultures while brewing an unmistakable essence of rock and roll as never heard before. The A-V approach of You Can’t Beat Tomorrow caught these two Americas in the frame as The Howling Hex jammed their unmistakable sound.