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Shadow Disco


Shadow Disco

100% Silk
12" $12.25

08/23/2011 655035021812 

SILK 008 

MP3 $3.96

08/29/2011 655035021812 


***“INNERGAZE your innerself—it’s a Rorshark shock of broken dreams and disco balls, cracked make-up mirrors for lipstick stains and smears, and sugary sweet Tom Collins highballs to spill and then slip on. Innergaze makes dance music to stumble around to, at 3 a.m., when the dry ice is dried out and you can’t find your fur coat. There’s taking candy from a baby and then there’s taking candy-colored cocktails from a stranger who’s dosed you with Innergaze’s bump and fuzz and slo-mo vo-co’s. For writhing on a cold white leather couch in the air-conditioned club. Or for wearin’ white leather and gettin’ way laced. For Brooklyn Babes and Waldorf Astoria Queens and Bushwick Billionaires. Bubbles and trance for the Bridge and Tunnel set. Based on a lifetime of nighttimes, the syrup n’ synth soundstage for romance, tragedy, and a few glassy-eyed, glossy-mag’ed dream sequins. Strictly ballroom, strictly Freudian, and strictly speaking from the Innergaze Shadow Disco: Are you my mother, lover?


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