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Awesome Vistas # 8


Awesome Vistas # 8

Awesome Vistas
12" $13.75


AV 08 

***The soundtrack music for the CHRIS JOHANSON exhibit Totalities at Deitch Projects in New York in September 2008. Two songs each about 20 minutes long and recorded live, mainly drum and wind instrument with electric cello, a little keyboard, two acoustic guitars, fiddle making very positive celebration of life music that you will find inspiring. It is somewhere between free jazz and drum circle music. 13 people played on this session recorded in Portland, Oregon; SAM COOMES, TOM GREENWOOD, CHELSEY JOHNSON, BRIAN MUMFORD, SARA LUND, EMIL AMOS, CYNTHIA NELSON, AURELIA NELSON-RESKE, BOB JONES, TARA JANE O’NEIL, JEFF KRIKSCIUM, NICHOLUS BINDEMAN, and Chris Johanson. Produced, Recorded and mixed by Sam Coomes. Co-Produced by Tom Greenwood and Chris Johanson. Art work by JOHANNA JACKSON and Chris Johanson, silkscreened by NEIL BURKE at Monoroid.

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