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Withers, Gordon

Jawbreaker On Cello

New Granada
LP $19.85

01/15/2021 738676990898 


BACK IN PRINT ON NEW SEA FOAM GREEN VINYL!!! GORDON WITHERS is a rock cellist. With a family tradition rich in miniatures and model toys, Gordon grew up admiring his grandmother's elaborate scenes filled with intricate details accompanying his uncle's expansive model train layouts. Keeping the art of recreation close at heart, he continues this family tradition with faithful, detailed cello interpretations of songs from his favorite bands. With his latest endeavor, Gordon takes on California punk icons JAWBREAKER with Jawbreaker on Cello. The album features recordings used in the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed documentary about the band, “Don't Break Down”. Of the new album and the band's influence, Gordon says “Not only did Jawbreaker's music influence thousands of bands, but they lifted the spirits of entire scenes and communities en masse. Their songs formed focal points for countless kids' formative experiences, enabling friendships and connections that would last forever. Jawbreaker's music saved at least one troubled teenage life in my own close circle and directly influenced nearly every musician I know. I am honored to be able to pay tribute to their legacy with this album.” In between in-demand studio work and solo shows, Gordon has performed in outfits such as OFFICE OF FUTURE PLANS (Dischord) and BELLS> (Zach Barocas of Jawbox) while currently playing with J. ROBBINS (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, OoFP, etc).

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