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Chyekk, China Doll
CD $14.75

11/02/2010 753907159028 

MT 115 CD 

***With the help of NURSE WITH WOUND mainman STEVEN STAPLETON on "tapes, piano, and inspiration," EDWARD KA-SPEL collaborated with multi-instrumentalist PATRICK WRIGHT on Chyekk China Doll, a worthy entry in Ka-Spel's lengthy, involved series of solo works. As with most of his solo work, the artist moves sideways from the collapsing, queasy anarchy of the LEGENDARY PINK DOTS for a quieter but no less freaky combination. Wright plays a core role throughout, co-writing nearly all the songs and adding his haunting, heavily echoed violin work to many songs, further rendering the playfully cartoon music-in-hell compositions even more curious. Includes two bonus tracks not found on the original LP release from 1984.

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