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LP $31.25

07/31/2015 753907162615 

MT 171 LP 

CD $15.00

07/31/2015 753907162622 

MT 171 CD 

***Slowly the great ashen dynamo surges, spilling molten droplets of plasma and cosmic waste, each taking shape, coalescing into stars, planets, entire galaxies, drifting ever further away from the throbbing energy and boiling gasses that lie at the crux of all creation. A massive, disembodied heart that beats out a rhythm so impossibly slow - each pulse separated by an epoch, each quaver a thousand thousand lifetimes, burning and fuming with dark energies. This is power on an unimaginable scale, machinery vast and magnificent, spinning entire realities into existence. This is Kosmodynamos. CD edition of 250 copies. LP edition of 150 copies.

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