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Dry Drunk / Box Lunch
7" $6.75


RHR 001 

***Successful loser, KEVIN KALICKI has been in A LOT of bands over the past 40-plus years. Some of his bands include AUNT HELEN (late '70s Buffalo punk), THE TOYS (late '70s/early '80s power pop), LONE COWBOYS (mid '80s alt/post punk on Caroline Records), ROAD VULTURES and others. He's played in bands with Cheetah Chrome, Jeff Dahl and Texas Terri. Times change. Kevin stays the same krazy, kool kat he's always been. Simply said, he's a true PUNK LEGEND! This new single on Red Hawk Records features Kevin on guitar and vocals, RONNIE DINTAMAN on bass and PAUL MALLET (SEAFANG) on drums. The A side is a Heartbreakers/Thunders-esque punker about EVERYONE'S hatred of preachy ex-alcoholics. It's OK to be straightedge... As long as you're not a dick about it. Right? "Just say no" DON'T work for me! The flip is about trying to get a girl that's totally out of your league.

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