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Restless Light
7" $6.00


SS 057 

***“It’s been a couple years and some since the world has heard from LOS LLAMARADA. Aside from some emails back and forth describing the deterioration of Llamarada’s hometown, Monterrey, under siege in the Drug War, I hadn’t heard from out friends down south. Then in Fall 2010 I received nine cassette tapes full of Llamarada recordings, pretty much most of the stuff they’d been working on over the last two years. I spent the next few days going through them, quickly realizing that there was more material than an album could handle. So Llamarada and I plucked out a couple of killers for a 7” (and started working on the other cuts for a full length later in 2011). To start, Llamarada gives us their jump on ‘Rezo Por Voz,’ a classic by Argentinian rock legends Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly Garcia. In the Llamarada way, what you hear of ‘Rezo Por Voz’ in ‘The Restless Light’ are hints and dustings of the original. This is no straight cover, but a psych punk romp of claustrophobic proportions. Flip the single over and we have ‘A Current,’ an original taut and moody, a guitar drones spaghetti western style over a tense plain. Drop this into the opening scene in El Topo and I wouldn’t complain. Cover art by HERLA ALARCON. 500 pressed.”