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Evil Needs Candy Too

Kyd, Ani

Evil Needs Candy Too

Alternative Tentacles
CD $9.25

07/26/2005 721616033427 


MP3 $0.00



The first things that hit 'cha when you slap on Ani Kyd are: 1. She rocks. 2. But not quite the same way everyone else does. 3. That voice. A mainstay of the Vancouver music and art underground for over a decade, Ani Kyd-fronted bands include RUMBLEFISH, SPANKING MACHINE, SPANKIN' BETTY KYD MONOPOLI, and most recently, FUEL-INJECTED 45. During and between Ani Kyd continued to intrigue with her bewitching solo electric shows, several film roles, and even toured as a guitarist for Thor(!). 
To capture her spell on disc as last, Ani teams up with multi-talented metallists Byron Stroud (FEAR FACTORY, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) and Gene Hoglan (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, DEATH, TESTAMENT, DARK ANGEL, et al), plus second guitarist Ian White from Vancouver punk blasters CHE: CHAPTER 127. 
A unique singer/songwriter, her trademark atmospheric darkness goes all over the map. Shades of swamp-grunge here, BANSHEES there, QUEENS, NEUROSIS, HC, punk, solo slide guitars, sometimes in the same song-all topped off by a drop-dead beautiful acoustic ballad at the end. It's all held together by an all-to-rare commodity these days--an instantly recognizable one-of-a-kind voice. Shades range from JIM MORRISON and SIOUXSIE-with-teeth to full-on LUDICRA-style screams, depending on what the song requires. To bring it all home, JELLO BIAFRA stepped in for his first role as a producer in a non-Biafra project. 
Once again, Alternative Tentacles has struck gold and uncovered a unique and unclassifiable artist of heavy dimensions, for those who want a little adventure with their noise.

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