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Dead Ending is a no-frills, ’80s-hardcore-influenced band featuring members of Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Articles of Faith and The Bomb. Their very existence raises a few questions, namely: “Really? What the fuck? How have I not heard about this until now?” and “Who’s the awesome mastermind who was somehow able to unite members of some of the most beloved and popular Chicago punk bands from the last 30 years?” 
Here’s how it happened: On tour in 2006, Bomb guitarist Jeff Dean met and befriended Vic Bondi, the frontman of legendary Chicago punk heroes Articles of Faith. They bonded over hyper-aggressive ’80s bands and discussed the possibility of starting a group themselves. When he got home, Dean got busy and wrote some tunes, then recruited longtime friend and Alkaline Trio drummer Derek Grant to help him lay the tracks down in Million Yen Studios, where Dean works as an engineer. Bondi liked the songs and signed on. Joe Principe of Rise Against came aboard on bass soon after that, and boom! Dead Ending was born. 
Dead Ending will make their live debut at Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas this year and will do shows and small touring runs whenever their busy lives all align. They’re also in the beginning stages of writing a full-length. So get out your spiky belt and your safety pins and tell your dentist to go fuck himself because Dead Ending is gearing up to bring the chaotic hardcore of the ’80s to you today with a quickness that would make Doc Brown shit his pants. Consider yourselves warned.


  1. #1 All Your Satellites Are Falling


  2. #2 This Is A Stick Up


  3. #3 Wasted


  4. #4 Ninety-Nine


  5. #5 All The Way Down