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Empire Illusion
LP $19.25


PSR 24 

***Lethal Tender has transferred a heavy sleight-of-hand slab of ’cyber-bounce’ showcased directly to your clickjacked digital dome. Zero-Day is arriving care of blackhat beat shredder 6-Ear and the burning chromecore composer Corum both reporting on American A.I. specters via IDM brute bass & brass, crushing rhythmic density, and flash-funking the firewall for Psychic Sounds & Nonlocal Research. This malvertised magic sonic show, with the tap of a mesmerizing free-form memory stick, delivers downtempo data grunge, bugged-out barbarian browser breaks, Kirby’s Dreamland gone nightmare, noises of new pay prototypes, cloudy robotic chatter, and hip-hopped hacking into a honeypot of hard-hitting neuroelectronics. Rashad Becker, the traditional notional species unfolding master, transposes the complete bio-enhanced bestiary bitrated right before your very ears. COME ONE, COME ALL! Break on through the far-side of abusive luxury licks, revel in virtual revulsion riffs & throb to the enchanted edge of engineered exquisite chaos all conjured center stage within the album of a lifetime unveiled as Empire Illusion.

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