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Big No

Life On A String / When I Think Of Heaven

Steady Sounds
7" $6.00



BIG NO got its official start about ten years ago in San Francisco. They were happy times for the City of Hills, riotous partying and mattress burning when the Giants won the World Series, impromptu parades celebrating Obama’s election, ostracizing nerds in Google glasses, and of course EVERYONE was working on their solo project, including songwriter NATHAN GRICE. Although he kept his side hustle, playing bass in local nihilistic rock band ROYAL BATHS, he stopped touring and playing with bay area legends DEAD TO ME to focus on bringing Big No out of the shadows. And so the jump (or maybe slither) from solo, bedroom, Sparklehorse vibes to full on band occured. It was a difficult transition but with support from a revolving cast of talented friends the band’s sound started to form. A few years back the bands creators packed up their amps and cat and headed east to Richmond Va. Rumor had it music was alive and well, but people didn’t pay $ 1,500 to live in a pantry only to face eviction when the landlord decided to Airbnb the unit. All manner of Big No incarnations have existed in Richmond before the group on this recording came together. Dreamy keyboard and pedal-heavy two piece, acoustic solo jammers, noise drummer, stoner metal drummer, regular metalhead drummer, brass band drummer, local bluegrass guitar wizardry, hardcore bassist with a penchant for sweatpants, dynamic women that wanna be Nico. All of this madness, past and current, is why Big No endures. The melodies are able to carry a song through almost any adaption.

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