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Mi Mami Dijo
7" $8.50

02/16/2010 4024572446550 


***BACK IN STOCK!!! “Never a label to neglect our Amurrikin brothers, Slovenly makes good with some home grown moronic slop from the great state of Puerto Rico! LOS VIGILANTES are currently tearing up our island territory with the likes of Davilla 666, and schooling would-be hip chicos and chicas with hard lessons in primitive present-tense and historic garage punk madness! Historic? Yeah! ‘Mi Mami Dijo’ is a cover from '66 Mexicano punk-o combo Los Monjes (literally, The Monks), the south of the border rock'n'roll deities who even wore monk robes, similar to their US/German counterparts! WTF? Where are these guys finding this stuff? Side two of this 7-inch tortilla give us a great early ‘60s doo-wop punk stomper, heavy on the dumb, and more fun than a piñata filled with peyote!”—Slovenly