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An Unnatural Act
LP $20.65


NGL 035 

***Brisbane's improviser extraordinaires, THE LOST DOMAIN, have been launching sonic missives into the stratosphere for over 20 years now. “An Unnatural Act. What you do.... You take what you have....a resonator guitar, a mandolin, 3 fuzz boxes, a 5 watt valve amplifier, a 44 gallon drum, some old records....and you acquire a 3-in-1 home stereo with dual tape decks with record and overdub functions....and you tap into what you’ve been listening to, what you’ve been living your whole life, a stream running free through pre-war blues, songsters and saints....and you feel it when you’re sober even, and you do it when you’re fall down drunk....and somehow, over a couple of tumbledown, turnaround months in 1990 you commit An Unnatural Act. And it contains both kind of breakdowns, it has stolen voices, a cover (sort of), a love song, a piece by Samuel Beckett, sensitive feedback, a back beat, insensitive jokes, the sound of losing it, a tribute, a debt being paid in part, a groove found, an entirety.” Edition of 500 copies. Imported from Australia.