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Synchronicity (original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Lovett, Ben

Synchronicity (original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Death Waltz
LP $32.95

07/19/2016 5053760022275 


***Death Waltz Recording Company, in collaboration with Lakeshore Records are excited to bring you what is likely to be a future classic in the form of BEN LOVETT's sophisticated electronic score to science fiction thriller Synchronicity. Synchronicity is about an inventor that creates a time machine and uses it to go back in time to stop the potential theft of the technology. Lovett’s music recalls all the obvious candidates for these types of scores, John Carpenter, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, but while he stands on the shoulders of giants he still manages to create something that exists on its own terms. Synchronicity is all about immersion; the score wraps you up in it and massages your senses before taking you on a beautiful but dangerous journey. It feels like a dream, with Lovett’s evocative soundscapes modulating and pulsating to augment the pervasive synth melodies. Much of it is ominous, foreboding—it flows between serenity and paranoia, but it always coheres into the kind of experience that is almost impossible to replicate. The future, the past, the present: they’re all here, and SSynchronicity feels both futuristic and timeless. It is what it is, a beautiful contradiction.

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