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Turns Turns Turns

Majical Cloudz

Turns Turns Turns

12" $13.50


ME 044 V 

Received a 7.6 rating from Pitchfork - New Impersonator album received an 8.2.

“MAJICAL CLOUDZ is music and performance. rooted in solo material recorded by DEVON WELSH between rural Ontario and Montreal, he joined with MATTHEW OTTO in February 2012 to bring the project to the stage. The music is minimal yet deeply expressive—a powerful baritone that sits on top of washes of white noise, filtered synths and sparse thuds, traversing a hinterland between sample based electronic pop and highway-lit, Americana singer-songwriter tradition. The songs are intensely lyrical, oriented around themes of death, patience, family, and desire. Their live show celebrates the joy in sadness and the value of a shared musical experience. Title track 'Turns Turns Turns' is simultaneously feather-light and poignant, dreamlike and heartbreakingly grounded. elsewhere, 'What That Was' shimmers with gospel-tinged harmonies and a commanding gift for melodic storytelling, while 'I Don't Believe in Anybody' channels the magnetic fields exuberant psych-pop through uneasy, frayed nervous ends. UK import.