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Uzala / Mala Suerte
7" $5.40


KOTM 037 

***Long awaited split between UZALA (Idaho and Oregon) and MALA SUERTE (Texas). Each band offer up one new monstrous of heavy doom and gloom. Uzala contributes “Burning,” which is a five-minute vintage doom cut that really shows how far the band has come in such a short amount of time. DARCY NUTT’s singing is intoxicating, and CHAD REMAINS hammers out some great low-end riffs and wah-heavy solos. On the flip side, Mala Suerte adds their psychedelic twist to vintage doom with their contribution, “The Veil of Secrecy.” Mala Suerte are the veterans of the split, having released their first demo in 2001. Their overall sound is rooted in vintage doom psychedelia, with some sludge injects at the back end of the track.