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Realms Of The Queen
LP $23.15


KOTM 34 

***“Realms of the Queen is an astonishing furtherance of (SERVILE SECT’s) strange and lonesome rage pealing from the bowels of a god-forsaken earth to the endless scree of the cosmos. An essential document for anyone investigating the forbidden zones of elusive black thought.” Realms was originally released early 2011 on Ecstatic Peace as CD only and KOTM is proud to release a limited vinyl version of this important document of 'sci-fi centric black metal’. Servile Sect had a busy year with the release of Realms followed by their album Trvth (Handmade Birds) which sold out in the blink of an eye as well as several tape outputs on Land Of Decay and Handmade Birds. Limited to 214 copies on clear vinyl with glow in the dark splatter artwork designed by Viraloptic (Kevin from Sutekh Hexen).