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CD $9.50

11/24/2009 721616803525 

SPIN 035 

20 Buck Spin's pillage of the ever-fertile Providence, Rhode Island, scene continues with the self-titled debut from Megasus. Riding forth like thunderbolts cast from the hammer of Thor, the eight hooves of the Megasus burn a trail of ice across the winter sky. Combining elements of heavy metal titans like High on Fire, Slayer, Pentagram, and Karp, Megasus delivers a debut of amazing power and volume with riff after riff of neckbreaking metal fury. 
The sordid history of Megasus goes something like this: Four dudes who all work for Harmonix (developer of the world's most popular video games, Guitar Hero and Rock Band) decided to assemble a metal band of wild power. Featuring longtime Providence musicians--most notably Brian Gibson, bassist for noise-rock duo Lightning Bolt (here showing off his own crushing drum skills)--the group set out simply to have fun and write killer heavy metal songs. With two tracks, "Megasus" and "Red Lottery," featured in Rock Band and Guitar Hero 2 long before this album's release, the band has already generated a large awareness of their music. 
Earlier in 2009, Megasus self-released an extremely limited vinyl version of their self-titled debut in an edition of a mere 200 copies. 20 Buck Spin got hold of a copy and, recognizing these songs shouldn't be limited to just such a small run, immediately contacted them about releasing the album on CD format to a wider audience. Much more than some video game gimmick or techie side-project, Megasus's debut is highly memorable, focused heavy metal that sits alongside far more established bands. They are a worthy addition to the growing 20 Buck Spin roster of doom. A mini-tour and a second album are already in the planning stages.

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