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The Heron (doesn’t Care When The Woman Stamps Her Boot)

Melchior, Dan

The Heron (doesn’t Care When The Woman Stamps Her Boot)

Limited Appeal
LP $12.25


LA 25 

***DAN MELCHIOR’s (in collaboration with his wife LETHA RODMAN) latest called The Heron (Doesn't Care When the Woman Stamps Her Boot). Dan’s music continues to evolve and is very much a separate entity from some of his earlier blues based work. While most people know Dan's garage work with Billy Childish, Holly Golightly and his own band Broke Revue, this record is certainly more on the experimental side of things in terms of sound. An edition of 231 copies;. We hand cut and constructed the inner sleeve, and attached a photograph that Dan took to it. Then a window was hand cut hand in the outer jacket to reveal/frame Dan's photo. The record centers are hand stamped (with an image based on a drawing of Dan's).