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Dreaming Like Mad
LP $16.35


LA 32 

***DION MCGREGOR is a very unusual cult figure—and certainly among the most unique recording artists the world has known. In 1964, Decca Records released an LP called The Dream World of Dion McGregor (He Talks in His Sleep). The cover featured a now-classic illustration by EDWARD GOREY, and the contents were unlike anything heard before: the tape-recorded musings, stories, rants and screams of a man who was fast asleep. This record has become collectable and regularly sells for around $60 on eBay and such. These spoken dreams—or “somniloquies”—had been recorded by McGregor’s roommate MICHAEL BARR (with whom, in waking life, he composed songs recorded by stars such as Blossom Dearie and Barbra Streisand). Barr’s diligent eavesdropping on his friend’s uncanny habit would, over the years, yield dozens of reel-to-reel tapes full of outlandish, hilarious, and often startling monologues. Dreaming Like Mad is McGregor's first album in over a half a century. Edition of 120 copies.

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