Aufgehoben Messidor


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Label # HOLY161216UPC 655035621623
Street DateNovember 21st, 2006
Label # UPC
Street DateNovember 21st, 2006

Messidor is the fourth album from the UK's Aufgehoben, who record unformed improvised sounds and then, over a period of time, mix and mutate them into a not immediately identifiable form of raw instrumental rock noise. It is the discordant and hostile sound of mechanical beasts locked in a cage against their will via incredible levels of distortion, clattering percussion and a wide spectrum of overtones produced by scraped and scratched guitar strings. In time a sense of structure is revealed and the musicality of Messidor unfolds a la New Directions Unit, Throbbing Gristle, This Heat, and post-Nite Flights Scott Walker.


  1. #1 Shibboleth
  2. #2 Co Anima
  3. #3 Rckfragen
  4. #4 Noorganon
  5. #5 Manotgog
  6. #6 Urorganon
  7. #7 Ends of Er
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