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Waxing Gibbous
CD $12.00

08/11/2009 5060100666563 

FTH 077 

The early consensus about Waxing Gibbous, the fifth solo album from Falkirk, Scotland's Malcolm Middleton, says it's his best yet. Following last year's low-key Sleight of Heart, this is the album Middleton was making while he took that diversion, composed from years' worth of scribbles in notebooks that were "chiselled and connived into being songs." 
A unique voice among singer-songwriters, Middleton's work balances a fragile mix of self-doubt, humor, and wry observations on the human condition. Few current singer songwriters can claim to be as prolific--or focused--as Middleton in the past five years, averaging a release per year.  
Waxing Gibbous was self-produced, though the album was recorded with the help of a few friends: it features backing vocals from King Creosote and The Pictish Trail, the piano skills of Barry Burns from Mogwai, and the honeyed vocals of Jenny Reeve. And there are surprises in store. He raps! He speaks! He plays slap bass! He sings about socks! Heck, the brilliant Zero even gets close to full-blown '80s hip hop. 
"'Waxing gibbous' refers to a moon that's almost full, and Middleton here surely approaches full brilliance. Four stars." 


  1. #1 Red Travellin' Socks

  2. #2 Kiss At The Station

  3. #3 Carry Me

  4. #4 Zero

  5. #5 Stop Doing Be Good

  6. #6 Don't Want To Sleep Tonight

  7. #7 Shadows

  8. #8 Ballad Of Fuck All

  9. #9 Box & Knife

  10. #10 Made Up Your Mind

  11. #11 Subset Of The World

  12. #12 Love On The Run

  13. #13 Not To Be (itunes Bonus Track)

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