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Do Not Destroy
CD $12.25

04/24/2006 77721511014 

LVD 088 CD 

***This is the same STEFAN NEVILLE behind PUMICE (Raft previously on LVD, and Yeahnahvienna (Soft Abuse), as well as a collaborator with the likes of C.J.A, Witcyst, Matt Middleton, Antony Milton, Chris Knox (Tall Dwarfs) and Campbell Kneale (Birchville Cat Motel), so you should know what to expect: eccentric one-man-band lo-fi goodness. But where Stefan's other releases have always taken the existence of pop-music for granted albeit filtered and fucked 'til broken, Do Not Destroy makes no such assumption. Recorded in the night-times, while daytimes were consumed with a mundane and low-paying filing job, the album is an exercise in desperate escapism that is ultimately more personal than Neville's other works (and also his most challenging.) Recorded back when Pumice was still a two piece, Do Not Destroy is the original noisy, primitive Neville, back when making a shit-load of noise was still the best sort of music to release.