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No More Nasty Scrubs

Niblett, Scout

No More Nasty Scrubs

Drag City
7" $6.00


DC 541 

***SCOUT NIBLETT prepares to break the surface with a new LP a scanty three years after her previous Calcination of Scout Niblett LP that she’s toured to death in the meanwhile. The all-new, all covers “No More Nasty Scrubs” 7” finds her mouthing other songwriters’ words in support of greasy hedonistic sexxx (“Nasty”) on the A-side (conjured up after being asked to contribute to a friend’s Janet Jackson tribute album) while flipping over to an equally righteous but more stringently, I don’t know. . . ascetic? (look it up, it almost works) viewpoint on the AA-side with “No Scrubs” (via TLC, for no tribute but her own). Better luck next time, child! Or as we say in the record industry, worse luck—records don’t get written off happy relations and such. Not ours anyway. But then, we’ve always liked records about bad trips, space travel and absurd B-movie alternative future scenarios. Plus breakups. It’s a living... Look for a new full-length album from Scout Niblett early in 2013. (STREET DATE - 11/06/2012)