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Toxic Crunch


Toxic Crunch

Orion Read
LP $28.95

10/08/2013 826853262712 


***A fitting epitaph for the undisputed master of biker-synth-folk-psych, Toxic Crunch is perhaps the definitive NICODEMUS LP. Recorded from 1986-1999 with his brother KID MATCHEZ and released on cassette on his own Zedikiah label in '99, the legendary outlaw biker and cosmonaut Nicodemus is in fine form, with his gravelly pipes rivaling Dr. John and Beefheart on funky fucked odes to livin' free, escaping the electric chair and the joys of morning wood. For those unfamiliar, the lore is that Nicodemus got his start as a wee lad doing guitar session-work for Motown. His band JIM HARLEM TRIO was nearly signed to the label but a manager stole the tapes. Nicodemus became a lone wolf in the late ‘60s, though riding with the Satan's Last Revenge motorcycle club. While self-releasing some 50 LPs, cassettes, 45s, and other genius bits of DIY damaged biker-soul, Nicodemus was shot multiple times, did as many drugs as humanly possible, and had many crashes--breaking nearly every bone in his body. 
The force of nature known as ST. NIC also painted surrealist cosmic scenes under the name CHONGO; released 14 books of poetry, prose, and fiction; and for 11 years studied the healing methods of the Mescalero Apache (he is also known as WHITECROW)—all while living the life of a true outcast and recording his uncategorizable musical vision of dark swampy blues, motorik grooves, ballsy rawk, synth fuckery, and alchemical folky strains. Toxic Crunch is easily his most all-encompassing work, and features original sleeve and label artwork by Chongo and his son, BLURAVEN. This fully authorized reissue is being released by Orion Read on vinyl LP in September 2013, with quality pressing at RTI and old-style sleeves by Stoughton Printing. Sadly, Nicodemus passed away on March 29th, 2013, but St. Nic and his music will not be forgotten.

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