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LP+CD $17.75

08/23/2011 781484003014 

DC 30 

***REISSUED!!! Life is funny and people are strange. Here in these highly paranoid and overtly PC days of the new millennium, it’s hard to remember a time when humor was expected to reach perhaps even beyond the barriers of taste in order to make a point well worth making. Once everyone’s interests are so thoroughly protected, the human tradition of comedy is the thing at risk. People lose sight of what it is they’re being inspired to laugh at. If we must suffer being mired in our present-day uber-sensitive social environment, then we feel compelled to reintroduce the punk-rock horrorshow known as NIG-HEIST into the argument. In the time that BLACK FLAG and countless other like-minded cultural pioneers roamed the earth, battling on an almost nightly basis to be heard, a band such as Nig-Heist had to be created as a frightening mutation of this concern. Anyone concerned about the decency of punk rock and its right to exist in any given club on any given evening would have to take issue with these incredible deviants. Even a listen to their (classic) one-sided 7” single, “Walking Down the Street,” provokes outrage. 
Equating the utterly casual action described in the song’s title with violent sexual compulsion, Nig-Heist defined their niche in a single stroke (heh heh). The LP offers a tour through their wardrobe of audacious poses (although their preferred dress in performance was no clothes at all), ranging from the leering and obscene (“Love In Your Mouth,” “T.L.P.”), to mock-cockrock (“Balls of Fire”) and even a taste of sociopath sociology (“Life In General”). Includes a bonus live CD (from HENRY ROLLINS’ collection). Packaged with artwork by RAYMOND PETTIBON.

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