Stott, Andy Night Jewel


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Label # UPC 655035005812
Street DateMarch 21st, 2011

"Been working ourselves up into a sweat with this one, the first one-sided twelve on Modern Love for over a year and Andy Stott's biggest club destroyer since the release of his overnight sellout 'Hostile' 12" a couple of years back. "Night Jewel" is a classic dancefloor builder, amassing deadly ingredients on shuffling keys, a heaving square bassline and the kind of reverberating chords reminiscent of Move D at his most mesmerising. In between his darker bass experiments, it's nice to see Stott getting peaktime moves out of his system and onto the floor, channelling a heaving mass of feelgood vibes, honed and primed for the early hours."--Boomkat


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