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Back To Zero
2XLP $30.75



The combination of the analogue (drums, bass), the electronic (lots of synths) and the theremin in between puts THE NIGHT TERRORS in largely unchartered territory for this scribe, although it’s waters I’m more than happy to float in.  I guess the only thing I can compare all this to from my experience is the terrifying Italo-prog of Goblin (who, rather handily, these guys have supported) with a light, dramatic smattering of Sigur Ròs drizzled gently over the top as and when taste dictates.  I’m probably horribly wrong in this analogy, but hey ho. The only other comparison I can draw is that the intro to Sesquipedalian sounds a lot like Michiru Yamane’s Strange Bloodline from her soundtrack to Castlevania: Symphony of the NightI may well be one of very few people who make that comparison though.” Remastered by MIKEY YOUNG. Gatefold jackets, colored vinyl. numbered pressing. Imported from Australia.

"After the punk rock slurry that’s been dished about the Australian landscape, we all could use a breather. And this is one heady trip with plenty of room to breathe. A reissue of a 2009 CD, “Back To Zero” is made up of atmospheric post-rock instrumentals featuring a heavy dose of haunting electronics and Theremin. Night Terrors could speak to the Tortoise or Godspeed crowd, but they seem steeped in horror film lore and the pulsing Death Waltz/Dagored label soundtracks than either of those outfits. (I must not be too far off; I see they’re doing a stint opening for Goblin). You could literally fly to Melbourne and grip a copy of this LP before I could finish breaking down every track. Kudos to Homeless for stepping out of their piss soaked cardboard box of a house and releasing this epic journey. There’s a song titled “Existential Revelation In The Circle Pit At Slayer” on here. You should probably buy this just to have that on your shelves. (RSF, Terminal-Boredom)

"Folks you should check out this incredible record by The Night Terrors. It is pretty awesome it's like Bruno Nicolai meets MBV jamming with a gigantic theremin." (Death Waltz Recording Company)

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