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Life Lessons
LP $21.75


HOME 33 

***THE WILFUL BOYS take your good time seriously. They’re out on the street corner, preaching to the punks, drunks and metalheads, advocating the Tear Shit Up gospel; and the NYC-based band’s new album, Life Lessons, is a testament to their conviction. Following up 2016’s acclaimed debut Rough As Guts, Life Lessons is being released worldwide by underground rock standard-bearer, Homeless Records, out of Australia. The connection to Australia comes not just from The Wilful Boys’ label, but also from their leader—singer and drummer STEVEN FISHER. It takes a certain constitution to “front” such a formidable band, but the hard-nosed Fisher is up to the task. His drumming is pure, hammering power and he hollers with a righteous, soulful fury. Fisher has a special knack for sounding like he’s blowing a gasket while winking knowingly at you—he includes you on the joke, even when it hurts to laugh. Driven by the twin guitar shredding of JOHNNY PROVENZANO and NICK ISLES and propelled by ERIC LAU's bass-playing, The Wilful Boys are a ferocious live unit. This is intense music about life’s many frustrations, but that doesn’t mean the band are killjoys. In fact, a prime directive for The Wilful Boys is the simple act of cutting loose and cracking a smile, along with a case or two of beer. Like any great rock n’ roll unit, The Wilful Boys can blow off steam with the best of them. Such uncomplicated motives are practically revolutionary in today’s conflict-obsessed world. 
For the few mining the post-pig fuck sound of mid-’90s Amphetamine Reptile Records (and there are some), few make the brutal redux swing like this newbie Brooklyn bunch.” — Eric Davidson (CMJ)