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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Zero To One
CD $12.00

05/25/2004 655035010427 

ZER 004cd 

The soundtrack for the movie Dopamine plays more like a traditional record than a soundtrack. The original music was composed by Eric Holland and features tracks by Kool Arrow artists Not From There, Hog Molly, and Düreforsög, among others. The critically acclaimed film was shot in San Francisco by Mark Decena of Kontent Films, and won an award in the dramatic competition at Sundance 2003. Holland enlisted the help of many notable musicians in crafting a film score with unique instrumentation: bassist Bill Gould (Faith No More); guitarist Mike Morasky (Steel Pole Bathtub); guitarist Eric Schopmeyer (Slackjaw); Adrienne Leverette on orchestral bells, piano and clarinet; Pat Kadyk on Persian banjo and seter; cellist Esther Reyes (Vervein, Ee); drummer Dustin Donaldson (I Am Spoonbender); and vocalist Jessica Congdon (Vervein, Smitten). Holland was a founding member of Milk Cult, and his current band Anagram is also featured on the Dopamine soundtrack. Holland has composed music for the films Yerba City, Float, What is Lagom?, and the Columbia Tri-Star release Big Girls Don’t Cry. Dopamine enjoyed a U.S. theatrical release as part of the Sundance Film Series and was recentely released on DVD. “There’s a beauty to this movie, a genuine feeling for the mystery and wonder of love and attraction.” – Mick Lasalle, San Francisco Chronicle  • Soundtrack to Sundance award winner composed by Eric Holland (Milk Cult) • Features members of Faith No More, Milk Cult, Steel Pole Bathtub

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