Cold Beat Over Me


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Label # COTM 003UPC
Street DateJuly 8th, 2014
Label # COTM 003 CDUPC 655035038322
Street DateJuly 8th, 2014
Label # UPC 655035038322
Street DateJuly 8th, 2014
Label # COTM 003 CSUPC
Street DateJuly 8th, 2014
Label # UPC 655035038322
Street DateJuly 8th, 2014

Following the release of COLD BEATS Worms/Year 5772 EP via bandleader HANNAH LEW’s (GRASS WIDOW) Crime on the Moon imprint, Over Me is the Bay Area act’s debut album. Propulsive and taut performances from guitarist KYLE KING and drummer BIANCA SPARTA (ERASE ERRATA) bely Lew’s glassy vocal melodies. A cathartic album, Lew sourced difficult personal experiences to create an immersive lyrical world sometimes fraught with paranoia, anxiety and impending doom, and also an exploration of hope and imagination—themes felt ever more acutely by a native San Franciscan artist in the midst of tech boom cataclysm once again. Over Me was recorded by PHIL MANLEY at Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco, and mixed and mastered by MIKEY YOUNG  in Australia. As a Crime on the Moon release, a percentage of sales benefit Charity: Water, an organization committed to eliminating privation in developing nations.

A meditation on the duality of identity, “Mirror” rides tear-drop guitar leads into a buoyant chorus, then cascades mightily towards an exalted outro. It is the first of three album tracks to receive music videos created by Lew. Elsewhere, the menacing “UV” couples fetishistic imagery with instrumental vigor, while the dystopian subject matter in “Out of Time” finds Lew’s vocals entwined in the sky, on a swift ascent to space with only glistening notes in their wake. Seething with circuitous anxieties, even teetering at times towards terror, Over Me ultimately marvels in the face of staggering unknowns.


  1. #1 Rain
  2. #2 Tinted Glass
  3. #3 Mirror
  4. #4 Fatal Bond
  5. #5 UV
  6. #6 Collapse
  7. #7 Abandon
  8. #8 Out of Time
  9. #9 Rumors
  10. #10 Wave
  11. #11 Falling Skyline
  12. #12 Year 5772
  13. #13 OSOTW
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